Elizabeth Reinhardt – Heredia, Costa Rica – 2011

Liz Reinhardt: Heredia, Costa Rica – Spring 2011

Although her most recent post claims she is a “horrible person for waiting this long to post my last post for this blog”, Liz is FAR from that! Liz came to us from Carthage College in Wisconsin and we’re so happy she did!

Liz was a happy, smiling student that was active in all Sol Education Abroad offers and always brought a great attitude. She volunteered as an English teacher (“Volunteering While Abroad – Lending a Hand to the Country That Hosts You“), really flourished in the Semester trip to Panama* (“International Marketing: Panama”) and exercised her Spanish every day of the program!

What a great lady to know and have join us!

To read  more about her time in Costa Rica with SOL, make sure you check out her amazing & super fun words: http://ereinhardt.blogspot.com/.

(*All semester programs to Costa Rica include a trip to Panama or Nicaragua!)

White-Faced monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park Beach (see the little baby on it’s back?)


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