A note in time ..

On November 4th I wrote this note on my cell phone while walking home from school…

I think today was truly a landmark in my quest to learn Spanish . On my walk home from my four hours of Spanish class I was thinking complete sentences in Spanish without even noticing. I was just recounting a story to myself and it was in Spanish. I am so excited ! I think this means that I am finally starting to really grasp the language as a whole. Yes , before I have caught myself thinking in Spanish but, not as completely as this morning. On another note I am leaving Spain in less then two months which really scares me. If it goes by like it has been ( which I think it’s going to go by even faster because I have weekend trips planned every week) then it’s going to go by in a blink of an eye. I have been in Granada, Spain with Sol Education Abroad for more then three months . I have seen groups of people come and go and stores change owners. I have seen buildings be built and destroyed. Small changes have been made in the city like new banisters, statues and much more. The city continues to build upon itself. I cannot imagine what it will look like once the construction trucks are gone, subway is built and the city reaches its full potential . Unfortunately, I do not think I will have that pleasure. It is hard to think in a month or so I will be back in my home in NY right where I was before this journey began. All that will be left are the memories that will eventually fade and the silly souvenirs I have collected. However, my experiences will stick with me. Life here has shaped me into a better person who is capable of having basic conversations in Spanish. This new skill will open so many doors and help me help others. Although it pains me to think about leaving here so soon. I know that it is all worth it and I will use my new experiences and knowledge back home. This is priceless.

Even though I still do not want to leave…


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