Sometimes I just have to step back from my routine and penny pinching and remind myself how lucky I am to be living in Spain with Sol Education Abroad for a half of a year. Many do not have the opportunity to travel to other locations in his or her country. However here I am, not only in a different country but on a different continent. I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy tapas, take  siestas , go to discoteccas (on weekends) and be honored with the company of the my host family who has truly done everything to make me feel like I really am part of their loving family.


Tapas in Granada are awesome! A tapa is a small appetizer or snack that one gets with his or her drink order. Tapas are seen all over Spain however, in Granada, most of the tapas are gratis or free. There are many different bars in Granada that offer different types of tapas. Some even say there are more bars then residents of Granada ( I wouldn’t rule it out too fast most of the city are students who only live here during school months ). A tapa can range from a bowl of olives to ham sandwiches to chicken fingers and fries. There is are no official rules of tapas but there are certainly different types. Some bars will give the customer the option to choose his or her tapa. There can be a rage from three to twenty (made those numbers up , just really depends on the bar, but you get the point) . When you choose tapas normally each person at the table does not get different tapas. It is typical for everyone to share a plate of tapas. So if you have a group of three people one person can order curry chicken and then the other two should order the same tapa. Again this is not a official rule, however, I have seen how mad servers get when everyone orders different tapas. It is very controversial of which place has “the best” tapas. I have asked each of my professors and each one of them have given me a different answer. There seems to be the issue of quality vs. quantity. Some places give really nice tapas but are skimpy with the portions, while others give standard tapas like a potato salad with tuna in it or ham on a piece of toast but, the portions are more like a dinner then a tapa. Once you decide what side of the debate you are on “quality vs. quantity” you are then to ask yourself the type of atmosphere you would like to enjoy. Would you like to go to a bar that teaches you to salsa, a irish pub( that rarely give tapas so poor example on my part) , a café-like feel, would you like to sit outside or inside, and so on… I try not to repeat tapas places when I go out because there are so many and I want to experience as much as I can. However I do find myself drifting towards three more often. On is called Beauty and the Beast. They have numerous amounts of locations around the city of Granada, and I like their tapas.. so why wouldn’t I go back ! The other two locations are next to each other and very close to my apartment. One is new (it opened while I was here) so it is always crowded with people. The only problem is that here the tapas are not free. However, the tapas and drinks are priced affordably so it is not too bad . Plus every Wednesday and Sunday everything is only one Euro!! (try finding a seat on those days) The other tapas establishment is right next door and it is much more tranquil. The service is nice and there is always some kind of game playing on the television ( or so it seems). You can choose from a menu of free tapas or get a bigger portion for money. It is a cool place to just wind down with some great friends. If you ever find yourself in Spain, and especially in Granada you have to go to the Alhambra , see the cathedral and in the afternoon before siesta, or in the evening starting around 7 enjoy some wonderful free tapas!


Thank goodness for siestas!! At first I thought siestas were cool but did not really see the purpose. I just thought it was a difference in culture. ( quite frankly I found it interesting that one would go to sleep after consuming his or her biggest meal of the day.. this made me truly wonder how there are not more fat people here) Although siestas are a difference in culture they do serve a true purpose. 1) Since most of the shops close during siesta it allows families to eat together. 2) Siesta is at the hottest time of day (things are closed from 2:30 , 3ish till around 7:00 pm) making less people fry outside on the streets. 3) From what I have seen in the past two months of living here spanish people are night owls. Since discoteccas don’t even really open till 2 (but people don’t get there till 4) people need the siesta to stay up that late.


Discoteccas are the Spanish version of NY’s clubs. They are very similar the only real difference is when people are generally leaving the clubs in the U.S they are just arriving to the discoteccas in Granada, Spain.

Although I have classes almost ever day and I attend all my programs activities I can not help but feel like I should be doing more. I am only in spain for less then 3 months.. its crazy I have so much I want to do , and what have I accomplished so far? I watched all 6 seasons of The Big Bang Theory in less then two weeks.. and now I’m on season two of Game of Thrones.. how sad is that I am on a different continent and I am watching tv shows from back home. Hopefully this will change soon though. I have signed up to volunteer at an Elementary school , and at a church, and for an agency that helps children learn English. Plus, I am enrolled in five different classes this semester some of them taught in Spanish.. Soon my busy schedule will be back but for now I am enjoying being able to go to the gym/ spa by my house and workout and relax for hours and catching up on game of thrones. Some times relaxing is just as important for your health as staying active. So on that note I’m going to enjoy my Sunday afternoon by watching some Game of Thrones… Don’t forget you have one life , do with it what you want .. but always ask  yourself:  Why not live for today?


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