Hola from Oaxaca!

Greetings, readers, from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I’m about to finish week four here of my semester long study abroad program. It is ridiculous how fast the time has gone here! The first few days in Oaxaca were, for me, incredibly overwhelming as I came to Oaxaca with the most basic amount of Spanish possible, I’m talking about knowing “hola!” and…”mi espanol is malo.”

I came to Oaxaca armed with these two phrases ready to hopefully add a few more to my data bank of knowledge, thankfully this has come true over these past four weeks. It was difficult at first not being able to communicate fully my thoughts to my host family here but I am living with an incredibly nice Oaxacan family that never ceases to amaze me with their patience they have for me and my Spanish skills, generosity, and ability to make amazing Oaxacan food everyday. Living with a host family here has been a great asset to the experience so far in Oaxaca as it makes you feel comfortable in new surroundings knowing you have a family to go back home to instead of an empty apartment or dorm.

My language skills grow more and more everyday, I have been making attempts to immerse myself as much as possible in the culture to help mi espanol, anything from listening to Spanish music to watching the latest episode of “La Isla” with my host family (essentially the Mexican version of “Survivor” but with more drama) has helped in the slow but rewarding process of learning a foreign language.

As I eagerly await what I know will be a great comida (lunch) from my wonderful host mother, Irma, I say adios for now and will write more soon for those of you looking into a study abroad experience in Oaxaca and I’m sure, just like I was a few months ago, are extremely curious about what this place is all about.

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