With a New Month Comes a New Schedule

October is here!

Although the leaves are not turning different colors one can still feel the difference from the month before. So much has changed since I arrived in Granada, Spain in July. The season of rebajas (sales) are over, and there are some many more families on the streets; the month of August many families go away, leaving the city empty and many stores closed. The children are back to school and so am I . For the past two months (ahh I can’t believe I’ve been here for two months already!!!) In addition to being the start of my “real classes” October is also my birthday month! I am supper excited that I get to spend my birthday in Spain!

I have been taking Spanish intensive classes for four hours a day, five days a week. This has made me feel more comfortable in the language, and corrected some of my poor grammar skills. Even though it was technically school, I only now feel like classes are starting because now I take classes that will count towards one of my majors. Fun little fact the words major and minor when it refers to subject of study does not have a translation in Spanish. This is because they do not use the major and minor system. Also the grading system is a lot different here too. Instead of giving letter grades or percentage out of a 100. The grading system is 1-10. 1 is the minimum, 5 is passing and 10 is a perfect score. In order to get a 10 most professors say you need to do outside work on the subject that is not assigned. Isn’t that interesting !?!

One thing I have to start doing is plan trips outside of Granada and outside of Spain. So far I haven’t traveled far from the Spanish border. I did go to Morocco but other then that I have just been to different beaches and Cordoba. If you have any suggestions on were to go I am open to them!

Thanks for reading!

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