Lujan Zoo

Week 4 finished and still going strong. Today I went with a few friends to the Lujan Zoo about 1-2 hours outside of Buenos Aires. Surprisingly, the local bus system took us all the way out there, for only 16 Argentine Pesos (about $2.00 USD). The bus itself was pretty nice, and I definitely will be using it again to go on other day trips outside of the city. It was nice to relax and get some fresh air without hearing a single car horn, and I got to eat another choripan sandwich.

The zoo itself had my feelings torn. On the one hand, it was absolutely full of cool animals that you could take your picture with, like a lion cub.

Also, an elephant, which we got to feed bananas.

Not to mention a full grown Lion.

To top it off, I got to feed a bear some peaches.

The zoo itself however, did not really feel like a zoo. It was almost like a carnival. A really cool and fun carnival, but still a carnival. However, to re-affirm its awesomeness, one of the turtles gave me a little goodbye pose for our amusement.

This week itself has been really fun. I am now Facebook friends with nearly 10 locals! I can definitely feel my comprehension skills improving as I acclimate more the the accent here (very strong and fast), but I still feel that I need to be speaking a little bit more so I can impress everyone when I get back.

Thanks for reading!

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