Week 3

This week has been very busy. I am taking classes five days a week plus we have done an activity every day this week. I am having a blast and I am really starting to get more comfortable in the city. I can now successfully take the bus and the subway without getting lost, although the bus is still a work in progress if I am going to a new place. Here is what my week was like:

Monday: La Bomba

This is an outdoor concert in the middle of the city every Monday night starting at 8 and ending around 10. The concert is about two dozen drums playing and the music is really exciting. Some people dance to the beat, others watch and enjoy the music, but most (myself included) awkwardly sway from side to side while listening to the music. There is a video on my Facebook page if you would like to see what it is like.

Tuesday: Mate Club

Talked about this a few times already. It is one of my favorite activities to do here because I get to practice Spanish and meet lots of locals.

Wednesday: Tango Lessons

Well, if awkward shuffling wasn’t enough for me this week, I also had the opportunity to return to the dance floor for my second Tango lesson. The lesson was easier this time, so there may be hope for my two left feet, and I had a good time. Women have to do a lot more fancy moves while dancing but guys have to lead them through gestures and pushing and pulling to let them know what the next dance move will be. Leading is fairly hard.

Thursday: Pizza

My mother should be proud of me. Instead of going to watch the big protests against the government before the elections this Sunday, I met up with my group at a Pizzeria. It was the best pizza I have had down here and I finally got some pepperoni.

Friday: Teatro Colon and a breather

This theater is a little over 100 years old and was absolutely gorgeous. It was one of the last classical opera houses built before the World Wars went and made us all modern or something like that. I will probably have another blog post dedicated to just the theater soon, but today we went on a tour and got to see how the theater looks from the President of Argentina’s box. It wasn’t too bad at all. Symphonies, Ballets, and Operas regularly perform there and I hope to go see a showing soon.

Now I am going to enjoy a day without any homework or anything that we have to do. Thanks for reading!


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