Weekend Update

Well the past couple of weeks have not been full of adventures like the ones I had earlier, but they have been fun nevertheless. This past Sunday we went to a river community north of Buenos Aires called El Tigre. Before we got there, our director gave us a very quick tour of a beautiful Gothic cathedral built near the city. Once we arrived, we took a boat tour to see the whole area. Most of the people living in the area are not connected to the city by roads. They live in raised houses on the various islands created by the huge river delta that spans throughout the area. The area was beautiful, with lots of palm trees, and even some beaches on the river shore. During the boat tour we could not stop cracking up over the voice they used to give the tour in English. The tour had a prerecorded message explaining the trip in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The other two languages we fine as far as we could tell, but the English voice was some weird combination of an Asian man and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Once we finally stopped laughing, we did learn a few interesting things about the area. Since most people are not connected by roads, they have to use boats for everything. A boat comes every school day to pick up kids to take them to school. Even more odd, they have big boats loaded with groceries that are basically floating supermarkets that go from house to house selling everything that people need. After the tour we had more Carne Asado, then went to a gigantic street market, and then went home.

The semester itself is winding down, and I only have a week left of classes. The last week was kind of crazy with finals and projects, but this week looks to be much easier. I have one final and then I am essentially done. After this week the only thing I will have left is my final for my class with local students. For local students you have a short break for a few weeks after classes are done to take your final. I would personally rather just get it over with, but at least it gives me an excuse to enjoy the city without having any classes. The final itself looks to be a little intimidating. The final is oral and given to three professors who can ask you about any reading or theme from the semester, in Spanish of course.

Before I take the final, I will be going on one final big trip in two weeks; Mendoza. It is a beautiful province very close to the Andes mountains and known to be the wine country of Argentina. We will be going river rafting, wine tasting, and also going on a day trip to the Andes mountains. I am so excited!

That is it for now. Thanks for reading!

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