Dec. 2, 2013—Emma’s Pre-departure Nerves


I logged onto student universe today where I purchased my plane tickets to view my itinerary, and it counts down to your next trip.  34 days until take off! Wow…my heart just about exploded because the last time I looked it was 73…you could say that happened quickly.  Right now I am in microbiology learning about C. diff, but I can’t really concentrate on that (obviously) because I am leaving the country by myself so soon.  I have been kind of just not thinking about my trip at all lately, because I either get super excited or I really start to freak out, and I can’t really handle either of those right now…but sure enough I had to look today and I’m really on the freak out at this point.  Whenever I talk about the trip everyone says “ohh you must be so excited!”  I am so excited, but it’s starting to get real now and leaving everyone I love for 6 months is kind of scary.  However, I do know that many people have had to leave for many reasons and that with technology it will be easy to stay close with everyone.  It’s still sad though.  Anyway-I had a minor freakout today and I think that it is important to document so I can remember how freaked out and excited I was when I look back at this in the future.  Hopefully I’ll seem ridiculous because everything was so great…. 🙂  

Anyway-I suppose I should pay attention to microbiology, as I am paying a lot of money to learn this stuff right now.


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