Dec 31, 2013–Emma’s Packing Troubles

Well…I leave in 5 days.  That’s a little freaky.  I have kind of just not thought about the trip for the last month or so, because I get either really really excited or really freaked out and nervous.  I just now am thinking about the final goodbye at the airport, and it makes my insides hurt a little so I just put it off.  Shout out to Jana, my travel buddy and roommate in Spain, girl you are going to be dealing with a blubbery mess when we hit the plane.  

So, as of right now I am using my professional procrastination skills by writing a post in this blog instead of dealing with the empty suitcase/tornado of clothing in my room right now.  Did you know, that I am filling my carry on suitcase with my shoes alone?? I am really struggling with this packing thing.  How can a female possibly pack everything she needs for 6 months in two bags?? I need a bag just for the bags I want to bring with, I mean seriously!  Well, wish me luck.  Hopefully my puzzle/problem solving skills will pull through for me.

Anyway, I really should deal with the natural disaster occurring in my bedroom right now, so wish me some more luck.



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