First day of school

Yesterday was our first day of school… and it was great! Ashley and I are having a wonderful time in our classes and we are learning so much. We are currently taking two classes and we are the only two people in both! Just being and living Mexico has greatly enhanced our skills and we feel much more comfortable talking in Spanish where ever we go!

As a quick update… the concert en el Zocalo was great! Afterwards, our family took us to a cafe for some drinks and antojitos. It was wonderful to dive right into Oaxaca!

Picture of the concert in Zocalo.

After class yesterday, we met our intercambios. In the past, Ashley and I tutored a Korean couple to help them learn English. It is exciting to be on the other side of the table. I know that we will both learn so much from each other and improve all of our skills.

Finally, I was exposed to Mexican telenovellas last night. I had never seen a soap opera before and it was interesting trying to figure out the mess all of the characters were in. Nonetheless, the entire family enjoyed watching it.

Hasta manana.

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