Jan 4, 2014–Emma’s Travel Struggles..

Well, I got an email from British Airways this morning saying “It’s time to fly!”  I guess that means it’s about time to go!  I have checked into my flights in the US and I have my boarding passes printed out.  I’m a little worried, as of course right now the midwest and north east are having super winter storms, and the airports have canceled 2200+ flights…whatever…but dangit I am getting the heck outta this place because I don’t want to see Monday in MN… (the governor closed schools down do to the high of -20something).  So, if I have to drink a redbull to grow a set of wings to flap myself out of the cold I will.  

I am just about finished packing, all that I have left is toiletries and my electronics, but I’m going to have to go back through and rearrange some things.  I’m counting on my luggage getting lost so I need to pick a couple of back up outfits for my carryon.  For those of you that don’t know, I’ve had some issues this week…someone somewhere doesn’t want me to leave.  My debit card was canceled this week because of the whole target thing and luckily my dad caught that and had a new one rushed and I just got that in the mail.  Also, the dogs ate my retainer, which I kind of need because we paid thousands of dollars for my teeth to stay where they are (braces)…so of course the week of new years day I had to battle with scheduling appointments with my orthodontist to get a new one before I leave.  And then of course there is the raging winter storm heading our way.  Whatever.

Other than those things I think I’m good to go.  I a little nervous about the whole speaking Spanish thing.  I think I will do well, my Spanish classes for the last year or two have been taught in all Spanish and I did well, but the being entirely submersed thing is a little freaky.  I hope I will catch on quickly and learn a lot.  I’ll probably read a dictionary on the plane ride there.

We had a gathering last night and that was nice, I got to see a lot of people before I take off.  Now I better go, I’m spending the day with Jake and my family.  I have a very early morning and a very long day coming up.

Hasta luego! 

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