Jan 7, 2014—Emma’s 1st Few Pics in Spain

Ok, I have had some time so here are some photos from my trip thus far.  


This is the everything I brought with me! (except for Jake in the background..)



The plane overseas was pretty big. 



The eye of London from the taxi.


“Porridge” with honey, and hot cocoa in the airport in London.


Mine and Jana’s room.



Breakfast made by our host mom, Elba.  Toasted croissants with jam and nutella, lemon muffin, oranges, and green tea.  It’s really nice being practically waited on for every meal!


A lot of the following pictures are from around Granada, we had a lot of time to walk around and explore today.




This is the main Cathedral in Granada, it is huge! It is just down the street from our host home.














This is one of the buildings of the language center, where my classes will be.


Churros con chocolate, a Spanish favorite!




It was a pretty good day today.  We were extremely busy though.  Jana and I are starting to feel a little overwhelmed because we have to work so hard for every little thing we do, because the language is still difficult for us.  It will get better as we go, it is just a lot to soak in right away.  


Tomorrow we have our placement exam, which will determine what level of courses we will be taking.  I really hope to do well because it would be nice to take some of the higher level courses.  We will find out our scores tomorrow afternoon.


Anyway, I’m going to bed so I can get a good night’s rest before the tests tomorrow.


Hasta luego.

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