Jan 29, 2014–Emma–Next Stop: Rome! and this week in Granada..

Hola!!  So, I have been extremely busy lately.  I have had school everyday, and I have been doing all sorts of fun things exploring the city of Granada.  Today, I had my final exam for the month long intensive course.  It was extremely difficult, but I think I got what I needed to get.  Monday we start our semester language and culture courses.  

I have been doing the last minute planning of my trip to Rome!! This evening I will be taking a bus to Malaga, a city in Spain, where I will spend the night in a hostel and catch a plane to Rome tomorrow morning.  We (myself and 4 other girls from the SOL program) will spend Thursday afternoon exploring the City.  Friday, we booked a day long excursion to Pompeii and Naples, to see a little more of the country.  On Saturday, I believe we are going to do a “hop-on hop-off” bus tour of Rome.  It seems like an easy and reasonable way to get around the city without getting a headache. Sunday midday we fly back to Malaga and catch a bus back to Granada! It will be very busy!!!

For those of you who know the nerd in me, you know that I am super excited to see everything in Rome, the history in the city is just incredible.  I will of course be taking a lot of pictures, so stay tuned! Wish me luck!

Anyway, back to what I’ve been up to this week.  Sunday, Jana and I went to the Plaza de las Ciencias, aka science museum, and took a few pictures there.  The museum was very big, it had all sorts of things to look at.  There was a butterfly house, which was really cool to walk through! Some of the butterflies were huge!

 Jana found a friend.

 We had to say “hi” to Einstein of course.

 This is the view of the Alhambra (it was dark and rainy) from a club that is in a cave across from it called Camboria.  

 Lunch! Fried squid that my host father caught and fried sardines! It was good!


 Many of the following pictures are from a lookout up by where two of the guys in our group live.  The views were spectacular, we could see all of Granada and part of the Alhambra Palace, too


 You can see the Alhambra here in the middle of the picture.


 Mom sent me a taste of home. 🙂 Thanks ma!


 Jana excited for her first taste of absinth, which was 160 proof…absinth is not legal in the US, and it was disgusting.  I have a video that I don’t know how to post, but they light the shot on fire and stuff before you take it, it was pretty cool.

***Disclaimer: any alcohol consumed was done responsibly and legally during free time not involved with the SOL program 🙂

 Seafood pasta made by my host mom!

Anyway, that pretty much sums up this last week or so, and now I’m headed off to Rome!  I will probably post pictures right when I get back on Sunday or Monday.


Until then! Hasta luego!


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