First day in Costa Rica

Well, here I am. Pura vida! Aside from being sleep deprived and slightly confused about where I am when I wake up (no, I haven’t been drinking yet), I love Costa Rica. I got my first Costa Rican cup of coffee when I arrived and felt the amazing, hardly-humid 75 degree air and I was in love. Here has been my day so far: Where to start is confusing, considering I didn’t sleep last night. So

8 p.m. Say goodbye to mom and dad.

8:30-3 a.m.- Know how much time I would need to get enough sleep, but still stay up doing nothing important.

3 a.m: Drive to airport.

3:15: Realize the airport wasn’t that far, and also realize nobody is there yet.

3:16-3:45: Wait with Jared until a sign of life appears. See person. Get excited. Grab bags. Realize it’s the newspaper man. Get back in the car.

3:46: See what seems to be an employee inside. Say goodbye to Jared.

3:47: Employee takes an obnoxious amount of time to set everything up, while I am still the only person in the airport.

4:25: Employee motions me and one other guy over.

4:30: Realize this guy doesn’t speak English, when the employee asks if he’d like to check his trash bag/ suitcase. Save the day and translate. Didn’t realize it would start this soon. Tells me I’m the best thing to grace Colorado. Asks for my number. Tells me I’m an angel. Tells me we need to hook up when I get back. No.

4:35: First person in security. Hardly checks my stuff.

4:40: Glad I left so early with how long that took. (15 minutes for EVERYTHING)Get to gate. Wait more. Pretend to sleep so guatemalan will leave me alone.

5:55: Flight to Texas. So much turbulence, can’t sleep.

9:20: Arrive in Texas. Need coffee. Can’t find coffee. Walk to another terminal. Still no coffee.

10:35: Flight to Costa Rica. Try to sleep, but can’t find anywhere comfy. NEED COFFEE.

2:20: Land in Costa Rica. Get bags. Meet directors. SO NICE. One asks if I like coffee and if I want some. It’s like she knows me. $1.50 for the best mocha I’ve ever had.

3:30: Leave airport with other sol-mates (adorable, right?) as we all hesitate to speak spanish to each other.

3:45: Dropped off at host mothers house. Meet roommate. Hang out.

7:00: Eat dinner which she prepared from scratch. YUM

9:00: Sit on balcony of room and type a blog. Tomorrow- Paos Volcano. 😀


Hasta Manana!



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