Feb 8-9–Emma–Sevilla/Córdoba

Hola!!  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while….it’s been a busy couple of weeks.  First, I had my 20th Birthday, which was a blast!! I only wish I could have been with some people at home for it.  We went out for margaritas, made a stop at the chupeteria, and hit one of the clubs! It was a successful night.  Plus, I bought a new dress for it so that’s always fun.  


That was Thursday the 6th, then that Saturday, the 8th, our whole program took a bus to Sevilla, another city three hours away from Granada.  Sevilla (Seville in English) was absolutely beautiful.  However, it rained. All. Weekend. Long.  My feet were wet for the entire weekend, and that was just uncomfortable.  When Jake and my family comes to visit me when the semester is over we are going back to Sevilla, and I can’t wait because the flowers will be in full bloom and it most likely won’t be raining.  We basically just saw all the sights Sevilla had to offer, and did our best to stay dry and warm.


Sunday morning, we left Sevilla and headed to Córdoba, another city.  Córdoba was smaller than Sevilla, but it was very beautiful.  It is kind of what you picture when you picture a city in Spain; the white buildings, winding narrow streets, flowers everywhere, and old churches/buildings.  We went to the Mezquita de Córdoba (the Mosque), which was insanely huge.  It started as a mosque and then the Christians took over for some time; so it was a big mixture of things on the inside.  Did I mention that it was raining??? If not, I want to let you know that it rained all day in Córdoba as well.  


This week, I’ve had a nasty cold and have basically been sleeping my life away.  That’s part of the reason why this post is so late.  I have no plans this weekend, so that will be really nice to relax and hang out around Granada.  

Here are some pics from the last week or so:



 Another Bday Girl at the Mexican Place

Layne and his women at the Chupeteria.

 The gang waitin’ for margaritas.

 Myself and Byron.

 Marie and I

 Marie, myself, and Megan

 Sevilla!! This is in the Plaza de España, or the Spanish Plaza/Square.  This building here was actually the set in some of the Star Wars movies.  It is featured on the planet Naboo in the city of Theed (episodes 1&2).










 The cathedral in Sevilla.





 The tomb for “some” of Christopher Columbus’s remains.  I guess the rest are somewhere in the Dominican Republic or something.





 Bell tower of the Cathedral.






This is in the bath house of some building.  At this point in the day my feet were extremely wet and I was just trying to stay warm and happy, so I quit paying attention to a lot of the stuff (I usually do listen..). Sorry Noelia and Edu (program directors). 🙂


































 At the end of the day in Sevilla we had a really nice Spanish dinner, and afterwords a bunch of us went to get cake to celebrate Anissa’s (7th) and my birthday.  It was delicious.

This is now Córdoba.  This here is the Roman Bridge.






 An old water mill


 Again, it was rainy and I was wet, so I wasn’t listening very closely.  This man has something to do with knowledge and education in the sciences/medicine or something like that.  I do know that if you rub his feet you have good luck for finishing your university studies.  Whoop whoop!

 Córdoba is pretty famous for a festival they have later in the springtime.  It’s a patio festival, and they display all sorts of bright, colorful, large, and good smelling flowers/plants/trees.




 Chastity belt anyone??……Didn’t think so.

 We had a traditional Spanish lunch, it was delicious!  This is the custom placemat that I thought was pretty cool.


 This is the mezquita.  I want to mention: there were no mirrors in this building.  It was so grand and repetitive that it looks as if it has mirrors in it, but it doesn’t.  It just really is that massive and detailed.  These pictures do not do it justice.



































Well, that was my last week or so.  Right now I am still paying for it as I am coughing violently while trying to blog.  My classes have been going okay.  I have one class, which is Literature of Spain before the 1700’s, in Spanish, and I think it is going to kick my a$$.  Other than that they’re just classes.  I’m getting kind of excited for my nursing classes in the fall to be honest…….but I shouldn’t think about that now.

Jana and I are planning on budgeting and planning the rest of our stay here, meaning how many more trips can we go on…. 🙂

I’ll keep ya updated.


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