It’s Thursday!!! Officially the weekend for me, and as it’s the weekend I’d like to recap on a few eventful moments from my week.  

On Sunday I returned home late, with the rest of the SOL students, from a trip to Sevilla and Cordoba.  Both cities were magnificent and I can’t wait to return.  They are both filled with so much history, I feel like I’ve learned a lot of valuable information this week. And that’s just outside of class, I guess I’ve learned a few things in school this week too.

On Tuesday I had my first day volunteering at a local school, assisting in teaching English. The schools here are colloquially called “coles,” short for colegio. I have also learned a thing or two this week about the Spanish school system in my educational internship class. Everyone in our class is still waiting to be placed in schools, but I guess I can be patient as I gain a little experience teaching on the side.  

Yesterday I went to a magic show hosted by the Centro de Lenguas Modernas and it was all free!  I got to enjoy the wonders of the illusions that this guy performed and the wonders of the Spanish language.  I was just glad to have not been called out of the audience to participate and try to fumble through my mind’s glossary of the Spanish grammar to construct sentences in front of all those people.  Major props goes out to those Americans who did make a fool of themselves, it happens to the best of us.  

I also got to experience what a Spanish “Discoteca” is like last night, but I refused to stay out as late as the locals.  I’m still trying to get adjusted to the Spanish daily life schedule; I can deal with the meal times but I can’t deal with the going to bed late and sleeping late part yet.  Maybe I’m just still jet-lagged.  

Today, the routine of going to school, almuerzo, and school continued as usual.  I met a few new people, tried to speak Spanish some, definitely choked a few times and I remain resilient as I know that there’s a thousand more mistakes to be made as I learn to speak the language.  

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful week, but we do have a cultural activity tomorrow with Sol.  Tomorrow we will be sight-seeing and hopefully learning some good history of the Albayzin neighborhood of Granada.  The Albaicin is the most historic neighborhood of Granada, and was once home to a large and powerful population of Arabic-Speaking Spaniards (muy guay) I can’t wait, it is my most favorite part of Granada and the weather is supposed to be to die for.  Well, that is all I can say now…until next time!


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