Week 3 in Spain Complete!

Hello to all any potential readers! It’s Sunday, the day of rest here in Spain and much of the rest of western world.  With every day that passes I am getting more accustomed to Spanish society. This weekend my life continued as normal and is starting to reflect my life back in the states more.

Yesterday I went to the skatepark, which is conveniently located just a few blocks away from where I stay.  It was a good time and the weather was just right.  Upon my return from the skatepark, my study abroad experience got a little more authentic when I was served a nice big plate of paella that my host mom cooked.  It was great.  The skatepark was good too, I’m trying to get back the feel of the board..it’s been a while haha.  It’s so interesting to learn the similarities and the differences in the terminology of activities.  Skateboarding is especially interesting to me because it’s something that I feel familiar with.  Besides that the day was chill, I did some homework, ate a piece of sausage (that to my dismay turned out to be raw), and watched the Spanish version of Gnomeo and Juliet (Gnomeo y Julieta).  I’m still learning the language….You live and you learn, right? Well I like to think that I’m learning from my mistakes. Anyway, it’s gonna be funny if I ever get to watch all these tv shows and movies in their original not-dubbed format.  Television here is basically the news and a compilation of american cartoons dubbed in Spanish.


Bola de Oro Skatepark

This morning I got up early, a little groggy, and found myself some interesting cafes to get some morning tea (I have a bit of a drinking problem when it comes to free tea).  I’m getting to know which cafes and bars have the quality tea and which is junk.  This morning I ran into a camerero trying to salvage a cafe that looked like a hurricane had just ran right threw it. Apparently last night things got pretty crazy there and they waited till this morning to clean it up, but not until after they decided to open up shop!  The tea was pretty good quality and the place was successfully cleaned up before I left.  I’m doing what I can to branch out and explore, I’m meeting new people and really trying to find out what this country’s all about.

I then checked out a church in my neighborhood that was pretty cool too. It’s an evangelical church, and turns out to be one of about four protestant churches in Granada. What a coincidence!


the church I went to today

It’s a small church, and very international.  I guess a protestant church would have to be pretty international to survive in Spain. I think half the congregation of the church originates in another country. Of the church members  I met, there were people from Germany, Mexico and Chile.  The Chileans were a family of 9 or 10 that probably make up have the congregation of this small church!  I only noticed a few native Spaniards at this church, including the pastor.  He was a good guy and the other members were cool too.  O yea, and there was an American girl too, who’s also studying Spanish here in Granada. Another coincidence!

I’m still loving life here in Granada, every day’s an adventure!  I can’t wait to see what the following days, weeks and months have in store for me.  Wish me luck!  My best regards to all friends and family back home in America,


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