Random Occurrences

To convince myself to sit down and write this message today has been a pretty tough battle.  I never thought that I would procrastinate on something so much that I would clean my room, take a shower AND do my homework first.  Well I guess a couple of things occurred in the past two days, so I have a couple decent stories to talk about.

Yesterday I got up early, at like 8 o’clock.  I got myself ready and headed off to the colegio early, early enough to stop by a cafe and have a cup of tea.  The tea was great, it was not what I ordered. I also sat next to a man that appeared to be a traveler with a bike, who was also the stinkiest dude I’ve ever come across.  We sat there, the only two people there at that hour, two of the few people awake and about in Granada, Spain.  An interesting fact about Spain that some may not realize is that the sun rises later than many other countries and sets later.  Writing this, I realize this is a rather odd way to talk about time. The reality is that the entirety of mainland Spain is set to Central European time, while being westerly enough that Greenwich Mean Time would be more appropriate, resulting in a little different time frame.  Anyway, I made it to the school, and to my surprise there standing are two other SOLmates haha.

We lost one, but me and Marie continued to help out the Engish teacher in class with older teenagers and and with peques (pequeños).  By helping, I mean that we mostly just talked and played games with them.  Sometimes it was hard to believe that we were volunteering!  After a while they sent us out with a few peques and some notebooks and basically said”good luck.” Luckily all went well with me, I just sat in a chair and asked the kids questions and tried to keep their attention.  Marie’s kids, on the other hand, were a little more rowdy. Guess  had some good luck on my side!

In class yesterday I was assigned which colegio I would intern at, and it turns out to be in a section of town that I had never visited before.  It’ll be cool to get to know I different part of town, I’m sure.  Later, during my night class we finished the movie about Queen Juana the Loca.  She lives up to her reputation, that movie is craaaaazy.  Afterwards, I met up with some friends and we went out to tapas near La Plaza de toros, also a part of the city I had never been to.  It was a pretty decent night, nothing too eventful..Good food, good atmosphere, good company.  Of course, I was a lame and had to go home at 11.  Hey, what can I say I had class in the morning!

So far, so good.  Today some random dude showed up from the 4th floor of my host-family’s apartment. He is studying English and it turns out we can speak to each other in a sort of intercambio, learning each other’s languages. My stay here in Spain has been pretty interesting, filled with interesting characters and interesting scenarios.  I’ve begun my first non-language classes in the Spanish language, I saw my first Spanish lizard outside today, I’ve climbed some mountains, crossed some rivers and heard a few sob-stories.

Now I am just waiting for what lies ahead. Tomorrow I have an intercambio, class and then a meeting for Sol.  But what I’m really excited for is Friday; Sol’s supposed to have a pretty fun activity lined up for us, It’ll be one to write home about, I’m sure.  Anyway I’ll post a blog with all the details soon enough, and many more to come! Peace!


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