Spanish Tortillas are Gonna get the Best of Me

What a day I’ve had today! I left this morning, like 10 hours ago and just walked through the door a few minutes ago.  

The first thing I had to do was an intercambio.  I went to the Centro de Lenguas de Modernas, but to my surprise I had no clue who I was looking for. I forgot to find out who I was looking for, but it all worked out and turned out to be the first intercambio that I spoke more Spanish than English.  

I then went to my last preparation class for my internship. It starts next week, I’m excited.  I also walked around Granada a little bit before our Sol meeting.  I found a cool area of the city that I had never seen before. I’ll attach photos at the bottom with some pretty cool views, I hope the pictures turned out ok.  I also saw my host family today out and about in Granada while I was in between the meeting and class, that was a surprise!  It’s always crazy to see them outside the house and I for some reason try to speak English to them.  

I’ve been having a hard time lately not speaking English lately…with my teachers, my host family and anyone that I’m trying to communicate with.  It’s weird because I really didn’t have this problem too much before I knew that I had to speak English.  I am starting to understand Spanish more, sometimes I don’t even realize that it’s not English…It’s like a second language or something haha.  But as I understand it more I am always thinking I can just jump in and communicate normally, but when I open my mouth I don’t somehow get my thoughts across as clear as they were in my head.  And I can’t speak English, nobody would understand that.  Anyway, what I’m saying is that it’s a strange situation and brings a strange feeling.  I’ll keep learning tho, everyday I’m learning more and more and that’s what excites me.

The last thing that I did today before writing this was eat and shower.  I came home from school tonight to my dinner prepared and my roommate washing something in the sink (a very strange sight). But he assured me that he was only washing his special cup. If we tried to wash our own dishes our host mom would not have that! It was a pretty good meal and I was full after my tortilla, but there was another tortilla there to be eaten and my roommate declared that he wasn’t gonna eat it.  It was up to me and I was more than pleased to have 2 dinners in one night. I kind of also had 2 lunches.  Man, these Spanish tortillas are gonna get the best of me!ImageImage


Came across this gem, the Granadinos love it


It was actually built by an American.

To me it lacks the Andalusian authenticity, it seems out of place.


El Realejo






 I came across this cat a couple of days ago. I don’t know it just seems like a strange plant to hide in


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