Weekend Trip to Málaga

So this weekend I took a trip to a city that I’ve wanted to see for a good while……Málaga.  It’s a city on the southern coast of Spain and the weather is great (although it was a bit overcast this weekend).  This was my first trip in Spain without a program provider, just me and a couple friends.

We didn’t realize that they celebrate las carnavales in Málaga, so that was a thrill to see; all three days we were there was dancers and street performers.  The most important is the Chirigotas, a style of music very typical and unique to las carnalvales. It expresses social issues in a kind of sarcastic way that makes very serious issues comical.  There was also lots of confetti, food, drinks and people dressed in costume.  There were also parades, it was just generally a good site to see.



This Granny knew how to Get Down

ImageFor some reason Elvis was really popular, and so was “Viva Las Vegas”

We then went for a walk and past the harbor, which was said to look like the “Inner-Harbor” of Baltimore by Kristin who’s from Maryland.  I was just amazed at how crystal blue the water is, it was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea which was exciting in itself. Image


This tree was just cool


If you can see in the far background there’s a dock that says “MARIO LOPEZ” in capital letters.


Oh yea, and I just happened to be wearing my BALTIMORE t-shirt.


We did finally make it to the beach, it was like a postcard.

It was also my first time staying in a hostel, which was a delight.  I’ve heard from a lot of people that staying in a hostel is just like a staying in dorm room and they couldn’t be more right.  The only thing is, when I heard that I thought that meant people would be wild and carrying on, but they were pretty chill.  It’s just that it’s a lot of people staying in a room that they know is temporary and using the same bathroom.  The hostel exceeded my expectations because of the accommodations and the atmosphere.  The main patios were semi-outdoors, which was cool.  So was the main stairway, which led to a bar on the 4th floor balcony.  The hostel also was equipped with wi-fi (pronounced wee fee in Spain), a few computers and a TV.  The eating situation was great, to my surprise you could choose between buying a good meal for a few Euros, or utilize the kitchen to prepare your own meals.  So it was really an economical way to travel, being only 11 Euros a night. It definitely had that “good-enough” feel, where nothing was cared for extensively, but it was sufficient.  The other interesting thing was that the main communication in the building is English, which is a blessing and a burden at the same time.  Being filled with people from all over Europe, this helped me meet new people, but I didn’t get to practice Spanish much.  On top of that, it just felt wrong to be an American, talking to Germans in English, while in Spain.

We got to see some touristy-type monuments. Passing the house where Picasso was born, we went first to see the Picasso Museum.  Of course I snapped a few shots when I wasn’t being watched…….



On Sunday, I attended a service in the Catedral de Málaga with this Irish dude I met.  I also snapped some photos inside the cathedral illegally.


A couple other places we saw were The Alcazaba and The Castle, like most historical structures in Andalucía, they were first constructed by the Moors, and then modified by the Christians.  The unique thing about the castle in Málaga is that there’s also a Roman amphitheater attached to it.




And inside the castle..


I wonder what the significance of the fish is here?


Doorways of this shape signify Moorish construction


You can see the Moorish influence


And the view from los miradores…


There was a few items of antique pottery on display


The Catholic Influence

And when we finally made it to the top of the Alcazaba we got to relax…

20140302_161822 20140302_165042 20140302_163056 20140302_163029 20140302_163003 20140302_162811 20140302_162754 20140302_162324 20140302_162311 20140302_162306

And the views were amazing!

I also went for a run while I was there, check out the views…

20140301_105507 20140301_105129 20140301_105131

 Sorry that the photos aren’t all the same size, it seems a bit disorganized, but I’ve been having problems with the format of this blog.  Trust me, the bigger the photos are, the better they look.  Anyway, I liked the city, and if you have the chance I highly recommend visiting it.  Remember that it can be a cheap visit and that there’s plenty of English spoken there.

That’s it, until next post. I look forward to talking about las carnavales in Cadiz and comparing them to those of Málaga. Hopefully I take plenty of photos to give a good idea of what goes down during carnavales. Later!

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