Emma—Crazy in Cadiz

Hola todos!

I’ve been feeling much better this week. First and foremost, if you don’t already know I was officially accepted into the nursing program at Winona State!! Yay! 🙂  This makes me extremely excited and now I can stop worrying for a while! Can’t wait to start!

I have just been enjoying my time here in Granada, going to class, learning lots, and enjoying the weather! This week has been better.  I have started volunteering at a school near our apartment, I go a couple times a week and talk with the students and help them with English.  So far I’ve been with 13/14 year olds, and I’ve really enjoyed it.


On Saturday, I went to Cadiz for the night for the carnival/festivities that were going on.  Basically, it’s like a crazy Halloween block party.  Everyone dresses up in crazy costumes and drinks and is merry with some choirs/other music groups in the streets.  Jana and I just wore masks with dresses to keep it cheap and simple.  It was a 4 hour bus ride to Cadiz, and we got there at about four in the afternoon.  We walked around the city for a few hours after indulging in the wonderfully cultural Burger King.  Wow, that was good.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach and watched the sun set.  After that, the drinking began! (don’t worry ma, I behaved myself).  There were drunk people in costumes everywhere! Eventually, we started freezing our butts off because it was so windy, and the streets ended up being absolutely disgusting.  So, there we were frozen and dirty, waiting to board the bus (boarding was at 5am, but we got on around 4:15 thank the lord), and then I passed out until we left and for a fair amount of the bus ride home.  I think we only left one girl behind in the end, which in my opinion is pretty good considering how crazy it was.  All in all, I’m glad I went I think, the city was absolutely beautiful and I loved the beach, but I could have probably done without freezing my butt off in the wee hours of the morning.


My mask for Cadiz 🙂

 Around Granada






 Tango show in Granada!





 Fotos de Cadiz













 Anissa the fairy.










 Kirsten and I! The newest nursing students!


 Layne (Santa on vacation) and I!












 A gang from Granada 🙂


 This random pic is from Granada, the rest are Cadiz.





 Happy almost 4th anniversary babe! 🙂  (March 12)

 Drunken santa walkin’ our way.  Just kidding he wasn’t drunk, I just like the bottle he has.





All in all, it was a very interesting experience in Cadiz.

This week I don’t have much planned, it should be pretty interesting though, I have midterms coming up!

Hasta luego,


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