It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog, so hopefully I have plenty to talk about.  I wanted to write one about my trip to Cadiz, but I have yet to find any pictures from that trip.  So I’ll just tell you that it wasn’t half bad.  Cadiz is a beautiful city and the people are awesome and the food is great.  I went the last day of Carnaval and it really wasn’t that crazy at all, we didn’t see any parades , performers or live music.  But the city was still great and I’d love to go back.  Spain gives off a smaller community vibe whenever you can coincidentally meet up with people you know from all over Europe.  It was also great getting to meet some new people.  

Last weekend the Sol group took a trip to Las Alpujarras, it was great.  I would like to go back, if for nothing else, for the tapas. They were huge!  A few others and I ordered a tea and we got a plate of pinchos, which is bite-sized marinated chicken.  We ordered another cup and received another full plate of food.  It was great, for just over 1€ per cup, and you don’t even leave a tip. I also bought a large sack of orange, almost regrettably for 2€.  It was heavy and bulky to carry around, but thankfully I was able to share with the whole group.  Needless to say, I was not hungry while hiking through the Alpujarras.  

We started our “hiking” trip at a town called, Capileira.  At an elevation of over 4,000 ft, it was the highest of the three mountain towns that we visited.  From there, we made our descent to Bubión, and finally Pampaneira, at an elevation of about 3,400 ft.  So we were at a pretty high elevation, which was cool to see, but the the hiking wasn’t all that challenging.  There was definitely some interesting sights and good views, check it out:



Traditional Architecture of the Alpujarras





The Life





The View




The Exodus




Horses are not native to the Americas, they were brought over from Spain




Plaza in Bubión. These people were exceptionally friendly.




Action Shot!




The Winding Roads of the Alpujarras








The roofs are only slanted a little, to allow for drainage.




The houses are white because it reflects the sun, and the sun can be pretty intense




Classic Washer Machine 


Where we’re standing is called an “era”

The trip ended a few hours earlier than expected; I guess we were walking fast. The next event we have is horse back riding, hopefully we have as much natural ability with that!  I don’t think I’ve ever done it before.  And this weekend I’m going to Gibraltar, my first time out of Spain since I’ve been here so I’ll be sure to bring my passport.  It’ll definitely be a new experience so I’ll be sure to take some pictures this time.  One last thing, check out these pictures or a spanish toad that I found hopping across one of the many trails that run through La Alhambra………..



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