Emma–Where has the time gone? (March 15thish)

So, I have had quite a couple of weeks!  After Cadiz, I got sick, imagine that!  That was super fun….Then, that Saturday, our program went on a hike into some of the pueblos (small towns/villages) near the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I have quite a few pictures of that!! It was really fun, and absolutely beautiful! We lucked out and had pretty amazing weather.  Then, this last week, we had midterms! Yayy!  I hated midterms.  Some of them definitely kicked my butt, so I was very happy to be done with those.  Then, this past weekend Jana and I just hopped on a plane and went to Berlin!! I will be posting a separate post about that because it’s easier.  Probably tomorrow.  I’m exhausted right now. 🙂

Ok, so these first few photos are just from around Granada in the last week or two.

 Gotta love that view.  It’s pretty awesome having an ancient palace as a neighbor, not gonna lie.


 Lizzie and Hannah, a couple of girls we get tapas with!






 This is Pedro.  He is a stray dog I think, or maybe he just likes our neighborhood, I don’t know.  But, I see him just about everyday and so I decided to name him Pedro.  We’re gonna be pretty close by the end of the semester, I think.  🙂




 Ok, the rest of these pictures are from our day hiking in the mountain villages.  The first one is Ryan, and interesting character who is always buying vast quantities of healthy food.







 There is a photography contest at the school, so I’ve been thinking about entering a few from this day! I’ve edited a couple of them.















 This is a very old machine/contraption that they use to make handmade rugs in these villages.




 I captured this candid moment of Layne pretty well I think.









 Tapas!! The restaurant we went to gave us an extreme amount of tapas, the funniest part is that the ‘drink’ we ordered was just green tea, so we paid maybe 2 euro for just about a whole meal.













 This used to be a washing station.













 A really awesome shaggy dog.



Anyway, that’s that! I will be posting again shortly with my Berlin stuff!!

Stay tuned!

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