Emma–Enjoying the Weather

So, this has been a pretty eventful week! On Tuesday, I went horseback riding with my program.  It was pretty fun, nothing super exciting but relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.





 The horse I rode, named Chocolate, who had to eat everything in site..

These are just some pictures from around Granada; the weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend.






 They’re putting up these stands everywhere in preparation for Semana Santa. 


On Saturday, I went for a hike in Los Cahorros with Craig.  It was absolutely beautiful, there was a small river, canyons, mountains, rocks, rope bridges, waterfalls, plants, field areas, orchards…a little bit of everything.  Of course, the beautiful weather was amazing as well.









 At some points in the trail we had to hang onto handles that were installed in order to get around the rock walls.





 Rosemary bush! There was a TON of rosemary and thyme, it smelled amazing.  I stole some thyme..we could all use some more, right?

 This is a honey farm! We could hear the bees buzzing from a ways away.

 Orchards on top of the mountain; absolutely gorgeous.











So, I’ve been trying different color settings on my camera, and this was the color enhancer..Now, after skiing in the mountains I did have quite the sunburn on my face which was great this week, but I promise you that my face was not this red.  I do know what sunscreen is.

On Sunday, I took a day trip to Nerja, a beach town that is a 1-2 hour bus ride from Granada.  The weather was amazing, it was soo nice to be on the beach enjoying the sun.





 Life is an adventure.




 Lovin’ my sunhat. 🙂








































 Proof that my face wasn’t that red……..

 Tequila Sunrise, my new favorite drink. 🙂







I had a lot of fun this week.  Went on several mini adventures!  I have a busy month ahead of me though.  I leave for Morocco this weekend, and then it’s Semana Santa.  After that I go to Lagos, Portugal, and then it’s Amsterdam.  It is going to fly. I can’t believe how quickly this semester has been; pretty soon I’ll be back in Minnesota! I have mixed feelings regarding that.


You may or may not know, that this week my home community lost an honorable young man.  He was a friend of my brother, and our families have grown closer over the years.  It is hard being so far away when my family and friends are hurting so much; I wish I could be there to offer my support during this very difficult time.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all, and may his soul rest in peace.  


Until next time,


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