Emma—Lagos, Portugal

So, this past weekend I spent in Lagos, Portugal for a party/beach weekend getaway.  It was a ton of fun.  We took a bus there.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The company we went with was the same as the one we took to Morocco.  The hotel was really nice, and pretty close to the city center and the beach.  The first day we got there and I participated in a kayaking excursion, which was really cool.  We stopped at a private beach and attempted to snorkel…it was soooo freezing though.  The sun was hot, but the water was way to cold.   After that we all got in the buses to go to the end of the world.  This was the end where way back in history when they thought the world was flat and the earth just ended there..it was absolutely beautiful.  And VERY windy.















 End of the world.




















 After the end of the world, we went to the city center and got dinner.  I went with a few people to an amazing Mexican place.  The program we went with then had a “party” planned for all 300 of us at one of the clubs, and which was pretty fun.  Lots of people and lots of dancing!! 🙂  The next day we spent at the beach.  Sometime in the afternoon they mixed up a ton of Sangria for everyone to drink….definitely enjoyed a few glasses of that.




















 More from the end of the world..















 Awkward photo bomb….thanks dude.









 We had breakfast included at the hotel, it was absolutely amazing…the hotel had a really nice pool as well.


 So, after the beach we went back to the apartment and made ourselves some dinner.  We were feeling absolutely wonderful after all that sangria so it was a pretty enjoyable meal.  We went back into the city later that night for some more drinks and another party…..It was very fun and I really enjoyed myself.  I probably enjoyed myself too much….special thanks to Emily for helpin’ me home..lol 🙂  













 The last day (Sunday) we went back to the beach for a couple of hours and walked around the city.  It was pretty relaxing.  I wasn’t exactly feeling wonderful..haha.



 ‘You only Lagos once’ was the weekend catchphrase.





After a quite miserable long bus ride back, we finally ended up in our own beds back in our wonderful city of Granada.  I did not make it to my classes today…whoops…however I’ve been pretty productive with my pictures. 🙂
This week is going to be really busy as well…Jana and I go to Amsterdam on Wednesday for four nights, I can’t wait!!  I now need to unpack and repack…
Anyway, that is all for now! I hope you enjoy the pictures. 🙂
Hasta Luego!!

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