So I just wanted to talk about the day I had yesterday, because even though it was tiring, it was a pretty interesting day. It all started at 12:45 PM at the Instituto Alhambra….


This is the place I do my internship at.  I take the place of a “language auxiliar,” a native English speaker who helps out with English pronunciation in the classroom.  It’s a real job here, and the only difference between me and them is that I don’t get payed because it’s an internship.

So I went in on Tuesday to ask if I could get any extra hours this week because I need a few more to complete my program. They said, “come back tomorrow at the same time and we’ll give you something to do.” Yesterday I went to Join Ivan, a social science teacher, at the Instituto.  When I got there I was told that he really needed to give a lesson and that there was nothing for me to do.  As I really needed the hours, I decided to just stay.  So I got to sit in the classroom, and enjoy the lesson.  I felt just like a highschool student again! I got to sit in the front row and hear his lesson about religion in Europe and Italian architecture. We even got a mini-lesson on Italian language.  Que gracioso! I liked the class; it’s not everyday that you get to put yourself in a 16 year old Spanish student’s shoes.

Later that day, I had my own classes to attend, one of them being Spanish Culture.  This particular day I had a presentation to give to the class, and what better of a topic than Spanish wine!  I bought a couple bottles of some authentic Spanish wine and gave my presentation to the class and we all enjoyed a glass.  


Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Valdpeñas y Jumilla

The whole class got the chance to try some wines from maaany regions of Spain; it was a good class. I’m pretty sure the profesor was tipsy, by the end of the class she was speaking English!  When she gave us all hugs goodbye, I knew that she had a good class.  Here’s a picture of the class that I stole from Facebook……………


After the class some of us went to a plaza near the school just to strum the guitar a bit.  We were killing time because SOL had an upcoming event that night.  I had no clue what it was, I was just going with the flow. I really just wanted to get through the day.

We were headed to the arabic baths in Plaza Nueva.  I wasn’t sure if we’d need a bathing suit, so I figured I’d have to turn around.  I wasn’t too excited by the idea anyway.  I got to go and boy am I glad; that was a nice time. It was very relaxing, and I recomend if you’re ever in Spain or an Arabic country, go take a bath! 

So it was a pretty random day.  I was a highschool student in the morining, had a wine-drinking class in the evening, and took an Arabic bath at night. I’d say I could call it a day. I was definetely happy when I made it to my bed last night. It just goes to show all the cool things that can happen to you in one day if you study abroad!  



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