Sevilla Trip

The other day I went to a place that I always love…Sevilla!

It was the long-awaited feria.  I was having some problems getting the ticket, but I really wanted to go so I made it happen.  I went with the Erasmus program, just for a day trip, but just for the day was long enough.  I didn’t realize it but the trip included a trip to La Giralda, Alcázar and Plaza de España, three very cool places in Sevilla.  The fist place we went to was the Plaza de España which is a real cool building with stands from every region of Spain, that wraps around a fountain.  It’s a nice plaza for being free, but there’s no reason to spend all day there so we pretty much stepped in and left.


Outside La Giralda

The Alcázar was a lot bigger than I remembered, and also a lot hotter.  It was an especially hot day in Sevilla, over 100°F, and everybody was a little exhausted.  Between the heat and lack of sleep, my European exchange friends were not exactly animated.  So I tried to take it slow, and enjoy the sites that I got to see.


Inside the Alcázar


Apparently There are Peacocks


Lots of Them


These two got upset and attacked us


We still had time to kill so I got to stop by a tapas place and got a nice big ‘ol bowl of caracoles! (snails)


They do have faces


Pinkies Up

There’s just something about eating caracoles that makes me feel fancy, even though they were less than 2€. After a while we made it to the feria! It was literally blocks and blocks long.  It could be it’s own neighborhood in Sevilla.There were people eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time.  It was a strange mix of fanciness, everybody dressed up. Women were wear traditional Sevillana dresses and men business-casual.  But there were also a slew of carnival rides, games and food.  All this along side restaurants and family get-togethers.


La Puerta During the Day


La Puerta at Night

Since the Erasmus students had another trip the next morning we didn’t spend too much time there.  A little after 12 AM we headed back to Granada, todos cansados.  I slept the whole way back and was happy to make it back to Granada safe and sound.  It was a good trip, until next time Sevilla!

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