Emma–Time flies!

So, we are coming up on the end of the semester, as it is currently finals week.  I have been just enjoying Granada and the beautiful weather while trying not to fall asleep in class.  I love this city; I am definitely going to miss it.  Last weekend we did a day trip to Nerja with the program, and this week we toured the Alhambra palace finally.  I’m going to make another post for that though, it’s easier to manage less pictures.  


Also this week, the company we have our cell phones through had an issue with fraud, so many of us had our credit cards hacked.  That was a pain in the butt…I just got my new card in the mail today, but many people are without cards to use for the rest of the trip, which is kind of a struggle when we’re abroad and don’t have many options.  I’ve taken care of my stuff though, it was just a struggle to deal with.


There was an end of the year party thing at the school as well, and we had a special guest come.  Remember one of my earlier posts about graffiti here in Granada?  I talked about an artist named El Niño who is known world wide.  Well, he showed up at our school and painted a piece right in front of us, it was so impressive!  


This week, I have to finish my finals, pack, enjoy the rest I can, and say goodbye to a lot of people.  It is going to be a crazy week.  I have to pack for three different places….One bag to send home with Emily, a girl in our program, another bag to leave at my host family’s apartment while I’m in Italy for my later travels, and I have to pack everything I need for my week in Italy into one backpack, because I decided that I am going to bike my way through Tuscany, maybe.  If the weather is nice, that is the plan.  So, that is going to be a headache.  


My entertainment in class…it’s hard to concentrate when it’s so nice outside…

 Andrea and I had a successful night out, received flowers from creepy old men.  Solid night. hahaha




 There was a giant bookfair outside in the city for about a week. 




 Ryan and Sabrina

 I actually do schoolwork here too….

 Yay!! Grammar final is over!!

 Megan and I

 Byron and I

 Part of the Gang, starting me and going clockwise, me, Angel, Byron, Stephany, Kirsten, Marie, Jana, and Megan


 Byron and Anissa

 The triplets! Stephany, Kirsten and Anissa. 



 Go to bed guys







 A few of us decided to take an afternoon trip at the park, and this couple confused us quite a bit….Not quite sure what’s going on there.




 The sunset was beautiful!

 Here is the day at the school when El Niño came and painted.










 It was soo cool how it all came together.  He had so many layers of colors and amazing control with the spray paint, I was soo impressed!

 “Somos más que las palabras que nos definen” 

“We are more than the words that define us”

 The rest are just a few pictures from our trip to Nerja.










I’ve had a few people ask me: Are you ready to come home?  This is a very difficult question to answer.  I think I will say yes, I am ready to come home, however I can’t really imagine this adventure being over.  I am definitely ready in the way that I am really starting to crave routine, and I want to get back to real life in a sense.  I really want to be able to grocery shop and cook my own meals as well, and I’m looking forward to getting set up in my own apartment and to start the nursing program in the fall.  And of course, I miss everyone like crazy, especially Jake and my family.


However, I can’t believe that this has to end!  I have literally taken a break from real life and traveled to so many amazing places, and I can’t believe that it is almost over and that I may never get an opportunity like this again.  I probably won’t ever have a time in my life like this again with so much freedom to do whatever I please, until maybe when I retire?? That’s so long away.  Also, I have basically been pretending that money doesn’t exist and it isn’t a real thing, in order to make the most of my time here.  However, as it gets closer to coming home, I realize that I have NO money…….and that I will start needing it to pay for life (college, rent, maybe food (we’ll see), etc..), which is really weird for me because I have always saved my money up for this trip so I’ve always had something in my savings.  It hasn’t been this low since I was like 16??  That being said, I have NO REGRETS whatsoever.  I am so glad I burned through all my money, and I am glad mom pushed me to really go bankrupt and take an extra trip to Italy (she said she would help me, so thanks mom and fam 🙂 ).  I may go back and have to eat rice for a few months, but hey, that kind of stuff builds character right?  I have experienced so many things and made so many memories, it has all been worth it.  


I saw a quote on pinterest the other day: 


“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”


I couldn’t agree more.  I feel like the richest broke person in the world. 



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