Take Off – Oaxaca, Mexico

Take Off – Oaxaca, Mexico

Quick introduction: My name is Davis Craig and I am from Rochester, New York.  I study economics at The College of New Jersey and plan on starting my own business after college.  I studied abroad in Germany in 2012 and I absolutely love it.  I am spending this summer in Oaxaca, Mexico and I will be blogging here, on SOL Education Blog, about my experience. Hope you enjoy 🙂

The definition of “Take off” is “To become airborne”.  While I am quite literally taking off on a plane to Oaxaca, Mexico in 30 minutes, I feel I am taking off in an entirely different way.  It feels like I am jumping off a diving board and I am suspended high up in the air, apprehensive and excited about landing entirely out of my comfort zone.

When I land I will splash into a whole new world of experiences.  The new Ninja Turtles movie I wanted to see will not be playing at a movie theater around the corner.  I won’t be watching the NBA Finals this Sunday.  I won’t be playing pick-up basketball. I won’t be going to Canandaigua Lake to hang with my friends.  Oh yeah and one last little thing, I won’t be speaking English.

Rather, I will be meeting the new host family I will be living with.  I will be studying Spanish 30 hours a week at the University of Oaxaca.  I will be taking Salsa Dancing Lessons and Mexican Cooking Classes.  I will be watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I will be playing pick-up soccer. I will be traveling to the ocean, hiking through the mountains, and visiting ancient ruins.  I will be experiencing a new culture and people worlds away from my own.

So as I take off on my plane I feel like Michael Jordan or Christiano Rinaldo taking off for a slam dunk or a head ball. Jumping towards the adventure ahead and getting ready to seize all it has to offer.

take-off2Real Madrid v Osasuna - Copa del Rey: Round of 16

Signing out,

Davis M Craig

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