Let The Adventures Begin – Oaxaca, Mexico

Let The Adventures Begin

I woke up bright and early this morning to go to Monte Alban. This is one of the most important archeological findings in the entire world. Monte Alban sits on the very top of the mountains surrounding Oaxaca. The zapotecas were an indigenous people that built this city before the Spanish came. The zapotecas inhabited Monte Alban from 500BC to 800AC. Monte Alban is filled with temples and a view you only see in magazines.

After Monte Alban we took a short trip to Cuilapan de Guerrero. This monastery was dedicated to an incredible man named Vicente Guerrero. He was the second president of Mexico and led a great movement to help the oppressed races of Mexico.

After Cuilapan de Guerrero our coordinator Layla took us to get a traditional Oaxacan lunch. In Mexico lunch is the big meal of the day. You have a medium size breakfast, a big lunch, and a very small dinner. When we arrived you could not see the restaurant because it was blocked by a thick vegetation of trees and plants. We walked in and were greeted by women wearing traditional Mexican dresses. Once we were seated I sat in awe admiring the authenticity of this hidden restaurant. The restaurant was shaped like a square and in the middle there was a great garden. The décor of the restaurant was like something out of a book. Everything was hand made from the clay pots holding our food to the chairs we were sitting on. When our coordinator told me the lunch was buffet style, it was like she had just given me the key to a new Mercedes. I had four plates of food and tried everything from the “Molle Negro” which is a special Oaxacan sauce you can put on almost everything to the “Sopa de Guillas” which is a soup made with the vines of squashes. After lunch we walked out the back of the restaurant to find a small farm. On the farm we were able to meet a lizard, a cow, a peacock, a true ugly duck, and some ostriches.

When I returned home I finally had the opportunity to unpack.

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Signing out,

Davis M Craig



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