3 Study Abroad Tips

3 Study Abroad Tips

Tip 1 – Know the regional food ahead of time. There is one thing that will prevent everyone from enjoying an experience abroad, and that is the food.  Make sure you research the local food and try it at home before you finalize your study abroad destination.  To figure it out I would recommend simply reaching out to your study abroad office and/or someone who has traveled to that area before.  If you love food so much you want to go somewhere with the best food in the world check out the top 50 locations for food in the world here: Top 50 places for food

Tip 2 – Pack Smart. Packing effectively and efficiently for your study abroad trip can really add a lot of value to your experience.  Figure out what the weather is going to be like while you are there and pack accordingly.  You don’t need more than two pairs of pants when you travel to South America in the summer! (if that)  Also I would recommend bringing the little things like nail clippers, tweezers, band-aids, multi-vitamins, and mouth wash.  A lot of people decide to buy stuff once they are abroad but depending on where you are going it may not be as easily attainable as you think.  Also you will be dealing with a lot when you arrive so the less you have to worry about the better.  Here are some great tips on packing straight from the USA government: Packing tips

Tip 3 – Dictionary and Flashcard App! Get a dictionary and flashcard app on your phone!  Make sure you don’t need internet to access either of the apps because a lot of the time you won’t have internet.  The dictionary app saves you in a conversation almost everyday.  If you are studying the language a flashcard app is also a no brainer, it is the best on the go study tool.  I would recommend quizlet’s app which you can find here: Quizlet App

More study abroad tips coming soon!

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