Day 1: Host Family

I finally made it to Buenos Aires, Argentina! Here are some of the activities I did today:

1. Meet my host mom. Marisa!

Fun fact about Marisa: She thinks Obama is handsome because he looks like a movie star! She is too funny! Also, she makes birds out of wood (as you can see in this photo.)


2. Thomas-my host brother! Ladies he is single;)


3.  This is the view from my room! I live above a cute clothing shop and a busy street.


3. Took a picture by a random tree A.K.A look like a tourist.



5. One things I noticed about Argentina is that soccer is a HUGE deal.  Everyone at the bars, restaurants, stores, and basically everywhere else were all watching the football game.  It was like the world stopped and took a little break.

6. Then I went to church with Marisa (my host mom) because she wanted to pray for Argentina to win the world cup.  After church we sprinted home because she forgot to turn off the stove.  The food turned out to be a little burnt but it was still delicious! It looks like enchiladas but it is actually a very large ravioli.


7. Also, I discovered that Milka chocolate is very popular in Argentina…….which is a huge plus for me since I am a big fan.  Thankfully it is not bikini season over here!




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