Travel Review: Puerto Escondido

This weekend I had what could qualify as the three best consecutive days of my life in a special place called Puerto Escondido.  Puerto Escondido is on the Pacific Ocean in southern Mexico.  You can see the exact location in the picture below.

If you are interested in traveling to an incredible beach with surfing, tropical snorkeling, and great nightlife I would recommend Puerto Escondido.

The only difficult part about going to Puerto Escondido is getting there.  They do have an airport that you can fly into but a lot of people just take a bus.  I took a bus from Oaxaca and it was pretty brutal. The whole ride was through the mountains and your head just goes left, then right, then left, then up and down from rocks, then up and down from a speed bump, then left, then right.  You can’t even sleep.  I would definitely recommend flying in.

The good news it that once you arrive you know right away that the travel was worth it.  I stayed in what I think is the best hotel in Puerto Escondido, Hotel Acuario.  My room had air conditioning, internet, a balcony overlooking the street and ocean, and a hammock on the balcony.  Hotel Acuario also has 24/7 guest services, a great pool, and a bunch of different types of rooms to choose from.

My first morning in Puerto Escondido I woke up early and walked down the beach.  It was 7:00am and the waves were already filled with surfers.  There are a lot of beaches in Puerto Escondido and Playa Zicatela which is across from Hotel Acuario is only for very experienced surfers.  I laid down on the beach, took in deep breaths of the salty breeze coming off the ocean, and watched surfers catch some GIANT waves.  It was the best way to start my day.

Afterwards I met up with my friends for breakfast and went to a surf lesson.  For our lesson we went to Carrizalillo Cove.  On the left side of the cove there is a nice reef break for surfing and the interior of the beach is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.  If you get hungry or thirsty you don’t have to worry there is a food and beverage service right on the beach.  This includes Coco’s which are coconuts they simply slice the top off of and put a straw in.  If you want to see a list of all the different beaches in Puerto Escondido with descriptions go here.

Carrizalillo Cove
Carrizalillo Cove

Our surfing lesson was provided through Zicazteca Surf School which is the best surf school in Puerto Escondido.  They are affordable and have a top notch group of instructors.  The program is led by Julio Soto Noyola who is a great surfer, teacher, and person.  Zicazteca Surf School provides everyone with a surf boards, rash guards, and surf shorts if needed.  Julio leads a lesson on the beach about the basics of surfing before the instructors take you out on the water.  The instructors always have a cheerful smile on their face and every time you paddle back to them they have some advice on what you could improve on next time.  They aren’t there just to get paid for a surf lesson, they are there to help you have a real surfing experience.  Zicazteca Surf School was so great we even went back for a second surf lesson the next day.

Puerto Escondido has great nightlife and some awesome bars like Barfly (Electronic music) and Green Mamba (live Reggae).  I went to Barfly Saturday night and it was packed.  A bachelorette party of 16 girls showed up from Mexico City and my friend Will and I had a great time partying with them.  The locals are also very friendly and I had made some new bro’s by the end of the night.  Sunday night I went to Green Mamba and listened to the best live Reggae music I have ever heard.  When they switched from a DJ to live band I didn’t even realize for like three songs.  This band sounded exactly like all the covers they were doing! I danced all night at Green Mamba and when I needed to take a break I just walked out back, sat down on a comfy chair, and looked out at the ocean.

Before I left Monday I went to Playa Manzanillo to snorkel.  I had never been snorkeling before and my expectations were not very high.  Especially considering we just rented some gear off a guy at the beach and all he did was point and tell us “go snorkel by those rocks over there”.  I followed his instructions and swam out into the water by the rocks.  Next thing I knew I was looking at the most beautiful fish I had ever seen in my life.  There were 2 feet tall 1 foot wide angelfish, there was a porcupine fish, there were fat 2 foot long fish with colorful spots all over them, there were little blue fish with neon blue dots, there were Nemo fish, there were giant Dory fish, there were schools of yellow finned fish, the list goes on.. And if I really wanted to see a fish up close I would just dive down and swim up to it until it was an inch away from my face.  Tropical snorkeling is one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had with nature.

Hopefully this travel review on Puerto Escondido gave you some insight as to why my 3 days in Puerto Escondido could have been the 3 best consecutive days of my entire life.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment on this post.  If you love Puerto Escondido then share this post!  And lastly, if you want to go on an incredible vacation, go to Puerto Escondido!

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Signing out,

Davis M. Craig

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