Just Say Yes

This is a little post about the positive energy that comes into your life when you just say yes.  I am currently studying abroad in Mexico and the past few weeks I have been saying yes to every opportunity to do something new.  Going to the local markets with my family, going on a hike in the mountains, going to art museums, going to a birthday party for the cousin of my host family, and going to a local professional soccer game. I think every time we are presented with something new it makes us feel a little discomfort about the activity and gives us a little fear.  This leads us to coming up with reasons why “not” to do this activity.  A lot of the time we don’t even notice that we are coming up with poor excuses to turn down a great opportunity.  I have come up with a new rule in Mexico and it is this, if I have plans to do something regular, like home work, or work out, or read, I will always accept an invitation to do something new and figure out a different time to do the regular stuff.  More simply put, whatever I can do on a regular basis I will always cancel for an opportunity to do something new.  Another factor that comes into this for a lot of people is laziness.  People accept their experience at the level it is at.  As long as it is at least a minimally satisfying experience they don’t need to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  They don’t see these once in a lifetime experiences as better than doing what they have done every single day for the past year.  Hopefully the following content in this post can inspire you to be the person that jumps up and seizes opportunities for new experiences.  To get things you have never had before you have to do things you have never done before!

Hiking Adventure

Last weekend my buddy and I and decided to hike to the Guelaguetza Stadium in Oaxaca, which is on a mountain over looking Oaxaca. When we got up there the gates to the stadium were chained shut.  We were looking through the gates when a security guard walked up to us, seeing our enthusiasm he offered to let us in.  Next thing we knew they were setting off fireworks in the middle of Oaxaca and we had to the best view in the city.  To top it off on our way out the security guard pointed out that the moon was just beginning to rise and it just so happened to be a full moon, it was unreal.  You never know what you will find on a hiking adventure!

Oaxacan Market
I just said yes to going to the market with my host family and I ended up having a wonderful experience. I didn’t just get a great breakfast but I also had a great time with my family and got to see a lot of new parts of the city I am living in.
Reading the bible in Spanish
I just said yes when my host mom offered to read a children’s bible with me to help practice my Spanish. Now I have a great time and learn a lot almost every night after dinner reading with my host mom.

Art Galleries

This weekend I had the idea to see as many art galleries as I possibly can.  I went to three different galleries.  One was a photo gallery (and was filled with photos of American culture which was very interesting and enjoyable to look at), one was a “Art of sound gallery”, and one was a painting gallery.  I really enjoyed going to all three and had a great time with my friends while doing so.

Soccer Game

My buddy asked me if I wanted to go to the home opener for the local Oaxaca soccer team.  My answer was HECK YES.  The team is called the Alebrijes and they are pretty good.  They finish top 4 in the league two years running.  The game was a lot of fun to watch.  It was good soccer and it was rough soccer.  If it was the world cup there definitely would have been at least 5 red cards.  At the end of the game a fight almost broke out  between the two teams, this made me understand why they had riot police there. Alebrije Soccer Game

Alebrije Soccer Game

Birthday Party

One final thing that I just said yes to was a Mexican birthday party.  The b-day party was for the cousin of my host family and was actually Rock n Roll themed! They were jamming Beatles all night and everyone was wearing Beatles, Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones t-shirts.  It is hard to see me in this picture but I am to the far left.

Happy Birthday!

So whatever new things you want to do stop talking about it and do it!  You will never know how much you may enjoy something until you just say yes and do it.

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Signing out,

Davis M Craig


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