Practice Run

I decided to study abroad before going to college because I like to travel and learn, and I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance during the next four years. I think I will, luckily, but this trip was a great idea anyway for a different reason: it’s been a practice run for college.

One of my major worries for college was rooming with someone new. Well, I’m doing that here, and it’s awesome. We’re going to go out for ice cream – Argentina has a place for ice cream that I apparently have to go for – right after I finish this post.

I go to classes, and I have free time after – it actually looks a lot like my schedule for the fall. I am responsible for my own laundry (okay, I go to the place around the corner and the nice lady there reminds me I have a missing sock) and I get to explore a new place.

All in all, this has been a great practice run for college and much more interesting than staying at home – my Spanish has improved so much and I feel a lot better about going to college now.

I’m going to go out for ice cream now. Chau!


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