Mexico City

Mexico City

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Mexico City.  I wasn’t going to go until at the last moment my buddy Juan was just like “Let’s just do this man! Let’s go to Mexico City!”.  Although I was a little tired and was planning on relaxing during the weekend I knew this was an experience I couldn’t pass up.  Juan and I went to a café the day before our departure and spent two hours planning out our weekend in Mexico City.  Here is what the weekend looked like:


The bus departed on time at 12:30 in the afternoon and we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were only 5 people on the bus!!!!

Empty Bus

Juan and I

View from the bus

View from the bus

When we got to Mexico City we weren’t sure if we were actually in Mexico City.  Since there are a lot of earthquakes in Mexico City they can’t have really tall buildings, therefore we were like where the heck is the city? Did we take the wrong bus!? Luckily once we got to the “safe taxi” station they reassured us we were in Mexico City and we got a taxi to our first hotel, Hotel Isabel.  We checked in, took a quick shower, and hit the town.  The center of the city was gorgeous, I actually kind of felt like I was in Italy.  It was much less busy than I thought it would be and quaint.  We walked around, went to an awesome Chinese Buffet, and to an electronic club.  At the Chinese Buffet a homeless lady approached us trying to sell us gum and cigarettes.  We didn’t want any gum or cigarettes but I had two chicken wings on my plate that I wasn’t going to eat and I gave them to her.  As I did this I was thinking about how she could survive off of re-selling cigarettes and gum.  As she thanked us she told us how much this food helps her because she also has three young boys she is taking care of.  Just as I was thinking how could she take care of herself she told me she was taking care of four people.  Sometimes people forget how incredibly blessed they are to have a roof over their heads and food on the table.  I know I do.

View from the hotel

View from the hotel

City Views

City Views

View from the club

In da club


Saturday morning we packed up our bags and departed from Hotel Isabel.  After a nice breakfast we went to the center of Mexico City and bought an all day pass for the “Turibus”.  The Turibus is a double decker bus that you can hop on and off all day (there are like 50 of them).   They have 4 different routes they travel and are the best way to see all of Mexico City in a day or two.  Juan and I tried to see all of Mexico City in one day and spent all morning and afternoon riding these Turibuses.  Afterwards we somehow ended up at another Chinese Buffet (my stomach definitely hated me after this for eating back to back Chinese Buffet’s) and then went to our hotel.  Our hotel was the Ramada Reforma and it was awesome! The only problem was that their beautiful indoor pool was closed that night for an event.  Juan and I were so committed to going in a pool or hot tub we upgraded our room to a “Jacuzzi Suite”.  Yeah we were a little caught up in the moment when we made this decision… (I will be working some extra shifts at work when I get home but it was totally worth it)  We didn’t hang out at the bars too long on Saturday night and spent the majority of the night enjoying our awesome hotel room.  We definitely got some much needed relaxation and got to feel like kings in the process.


On our final day in Mexico City we were very lucky to wake up to an incredible buffet at the Ramada Reforma.  After filling the tank with a combination of the best Mexican and American breakfast food you could ask for we headed over to the Basilica.  The Basilica is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Catholicism and is visited by millions every year.  We went on a Sunday and showed up in the middle of church so the place was literally filled with thousands of people.  I have never seen so much faith in one area at the same time, it was surreal.  Afterwards we went to the Soumaya Museum.  This museum is owned by the world’s richest man Carlos Slim and is out of this world.  The building itself is made out of metal tiles and has a curvaceous futuristic shape.  Inside you follow five spiral floors to the top of the museum and enjoy breathtaking, jaw dropping, and captivating art.  We were there for about 3 and 1/2 hours and it seriously felt like an hour.  That is how taken away I was by this place, it was the best museum I have ever been to in my entire life.  After the museum we went and got some coffee at Starbucks while we waited for our 11:50pm bus back.  We just sat there and smiled as we realized how incredible of an experience we had just had.  By the time Juan and I got back to Oaxaca we felt like brothers.  We had survived Mexico City together! And we hadn’t just survived, we had thrived.

Mexico City was such a large, special, and eye opening experience I know it will have an everlasting effect on me.  I can’t say enough about how much these new experiences are helping me grow as a person.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be here in Mexico and be surrounded by so many special people.

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Signing out,

Davis M. Craig

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