Carpe Diem

I live near Washington, D.C., where the museums are mostly free and world-class, where things to do abound and adventures await. It is the easiest thing In the world to head to the city for an afternoon to do something with friends. And yet, I rarely do.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been to more museums than the last two years in D.C. One of the best parts of traveling, for me, is that it gets me out of the hotel or house or hostel, and into the city or town or wherever. I don’t do this at home.

I only have two weeks left here in Buenos Aires, which is incredibly sad, so I’m making the best of the time I have. I’ve loved being here, not just because my Spanish has gotten so good and my classes have been fantastic, but because I’ve been more adventurous and outgoing.

Travel pushes us beyond our comfort zones, and studying abroad forces you to open your horizons. But most of us sit around at home waiting for something to come and open them anyway. So take advantage of the world and go out to see it!

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