Food in Oaxaca

One thing that I will definitely miss about my experience in Mexico is the food.  The food in Oaxaca is incredible.  The food is made fresh everyday with ingredients from the local markets.  The local markets here could be compared to farmer’s markets back in the states.  Except they are like 5 times the size and there are about 10 times more of them, the fresh food markets are a really big part of the economy here.  They also sell a lot more than fresh food at these markets.  You can find fresh fruit, bread, meat, toys, clothes, pets, etc…

There was one specific reason why my experience with food in Oaxaca was so out of this world, and that is my host mom.  She cooks like an artist.  She even tells me about how she loves the different colors and flavors.  Every time she is in the kitchen cooking she is composing her own masterpiece. And let me tell you, it is a master piece!  She keeps a list of everything she cooks and she never cooked the same lunch twice during my time here… She wanted me to experience all the different foods (it has been 2 and 1/2 months, that is an incredible achievement).  I wish I took more pictures of all the food I got to eat but I always had this bad habit of eating all of it the moment it was put in front of me.  It was kinda impossible not too… Anyways check out these pics with descriptions of the few meals I was able to take a picture of!

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