Costa Rica es Paz Amor Alegria y Vida!

Ah! Its only day 2 and I have learned so much! Before I get to the amazing excursion I went on, let’s cover el dia de primero! On the first day, I arrived in Costa Rica around 12 PM and in that short amount of time from the airport upon meeting my host family, I could already tell that I was gonna love it here. I was exhausted, but my host family invited me to a boda de familia! The wedding was so much fun! There was a lot of dancing and so much food! Ticos show their love by feeding you. On the second day, we toured Volcan Poas National Park. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! My Sol Mates and our directors went hiking in the Botos Lagoon and the Poas Crater. That was the first time I ever stepped foot near an active volcano! Pura Vida! It was no problem, the scenery was beautiful and unlike anything in the states. After lunch in the Hummingbird Garden, we stopped at Soda for local fruit, snacks and souvenirs. I got some really cool gifts para mi familia y mis amigos back home! I’m still a little worried about my Spanish, but I’m learning more and more each day! Manana is the first day of classes! Wish me and all my Sol Mates in Summer 4, luck! Hasta pronto!

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