Day 2: I have friends!

Today was an action packed day of Adventure!  The city of Buenos Aires is so beautiful that it is hard to describe.  The best way to explain it is if New York city and Europe had a baby it would be Argentina.  The fast pace life of the city and the European architecture gives Argentina a distinct look.

Here are some of the things I did today:

1. Meet my roommate Carly!  After missing her flight from Kentucky and traveling more than 13hrs she finally made it! I am so excited for our many adventures to come.  This picture of Carly depics our relationship.


2. Today I meet the rest of the students studying abroad.  In order to celebrate this new friendship we decided to take a #selfie


2.  I visited a beautiful cathedral!


3.  Walked the market place


4. I am on a boat. Literally! Visited El Tigre which is a very big river that many citizens live near.  This is a picture of Americans showing native Argentinians how to party!


5.  This was lunch. Not going to lie I didn’t try any blood sausage.  Perhaps next time I will be more brave and try different foods.


Tomorrow I start school.  I hope I don’t get lost!




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