Los Cahorros- Sol Excursion!

This past Saturday, my SolMates and I embarked on one of our many provided excursions- Los Cahorros.

A public bus picked us up in Granada, and the ride was less than 30 minutes! The hike begins in a small pueblo outside of Granada called Monachil. It is beautiful as it is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We walked along farms and dirt paths to the start of the trail. The trail is well maintained and has quite a bit of traffic (foot traffic that is.) The trail brings you right along a river the entire way, there are suspended bridges and ledges to walk on, but it is not difficult. I would recommend the hike to anyone who is in Granada, because the views are incredible. It was nice to get away from the noise and action of the city for a few hours and enjoy the countryside and mountains that Spain has to offer.

Studying in Granada is proving to have been a wonderful decision, especially with Sol Education. Having trips arranged for us helps to understand the most important parts of the culture, and at the same time our directors make sure that we are always having a lovely time. I am so glad to say that our group of SolMates gets along so well!

Here are a few photos:


P.S.- Pictures do no justice to the enormity of these mountains and canyons- You MUST go see them for yourself!


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