Toucan Rescue Ranch

It…was…horrifying! At the Toucan Rescue Ranch, I was innocently taking a simple photo when, unprovoked, I was attacked. I may be scarred for life. Or…you know…maybe not so much. LOL This resident whistling duck thinks she’s big and bad. She did give one of the girls a fright by running under her skirt, but I was wearing jeans and boots. Let this be a lesson to other students; when interacting with unfamiliar animals, you do not know their body language. She seemed to be posing for a photo, but really she was raising her feathers to warn me off. I moved away as soon as I was told, but she pursued. The whole thing was quite funny. I’m a country girl, so it wouldn’t have surprised me had one of the geese gone on the offensive. But I’ve never known a duck with that much attitude. This is officially my favorite duck. And I love the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Most of the students in my group were most excited to see the sloths. They have both three-toed and two-toed sloths there. I’d never seen a two-toed sloth before, even in photos, so this was interesting. But there were several animals I enjoyed just as much, and hearing their individual stories was great. Hearing the toucans was surprising! I never knew they sound so much like tree frogs! The most impressive thing about the ranch though is the health of the animals – not just physically, but mentally as well. I’ve been to numerous facilities where the animals pace or display other repetitive behavior. They do sometimes have animals come in that way, but they make the effort to correct the problem. All of the animals that have been there for some time seemed very at ease, comfortable and healthy.

Leslie is awesome! You can tell that she not only cares about the animals but understands them. [photo belongs here] I am more than glad to spread the word about the ranch. They have a volunteer program, by the way. If you are interested you can read about it on their website. You can also see lots of neat stuff about the rescue ranch on their Facebook page.

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