Colegio La Asuncion- Granada

(From 09-29)

Today was the day we visited the school to see where we will be volunteering! In Spain, the schools are called COLEGIO. I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with the school, it’s is so beautiful and the kids were so great. Different buildings you walk too, outdoor courtyards for gym time and playtime. Very different from schools in Minnesota. Here, they are out in the open because it barely ever rains.

La Asuncion is a bilingual school, and most all the students there have been learning English since they were around 3 years old, in the preschool. So we went into a few different classrooms, and the students greeted us in English, asked where we were from. When we left they said, “nice to meet you!” They were all so excited and I can’t wait to get involved.

When we got to the school today, we met with a lady who showed us around. School was in session and it was so fun to see all the students. This school is for children 2 years old to high school. When we entered, right away we saw a line of fifteen two-year old children walking to the playground. They were so adorable, makes me miss my Madison kids! While the lady was talking to us, there were middle school students around, talking to each other and pointing as us. As students passed they all said “HI” and waved. They were all very excited to see us for some reason. Then the lady said that the students really love having American students come because we make everything more fun by helping them with their English.

Now the next step is just emailing and letting them know what times we are available during the week and we will start volunteering in the classrooms. I don’t know my definite schedule yet, but am very excited to get started. I’m glad I will be here all year because this will give me an opportunity to be in multiple rooms with multiple ages. I was thinking of working with the preschoolers, but that would almost be more difficult than working with older children because it may be difficult to understand their Spanish. I am thinking of working maybe with 7-9 year old students. That way they know English and Spanish, and I will learn a lot from them also.

This visit was very fun today! I know I have chosen the right profession for me. Going into any school just gets me excited to someday have a classroom of my own. This is going to be a great experience to volunteer in a bilingual school as well đŸ™‚

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