Free day!!- Granada, Spain

(From Wed, 10-01)

Today most all students in the group started class, I don’t start until tomorrow, so I went adventuring around the city for a few hours today. Looked around at all the shops. It’s nice to just look around even if you aren’t buying anything because there are so many interesting and unique shops. The children’s bookstores are my favorite to look at! Spent an hour in one bookstore, the time just flew by because I was having so much fun looking around. There are so many great books I can’t wait to have in my classroom someday. One gift shop had a life size bull out front, even has fur on it. Very big in real life!

Other than my little adventure, I didn’t too too much else. Got my class schedule figured out finally! I have class M-F 8:30-12:30. I was sort of disappointed because I wanted to be able to go volunteer with children at the school in the mornings, but now I have to go 1-2 or 1-2:30, because the schools are out at 2:30. Hopefully this will still be a good time to go. I hope in November I will be able to get some morning hours in.

I have enjoyed the month I have spent in Granada so much! I feel so lucky that I was able to embark on this journey, I can’t picture myself anywhere else. I love the food here, the friends I have made, I love going to school at the University, and my host family is awesome. I haven’t really felt homesick yet. I do miss my pups though!

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