Last day in level 2- Granada

(From 09-28)

Today was my final day in level two. I am definitely going to miss my professors, they were my first introduction in Granada to the Spanish language, and they did such an amazing job. I have learned so much from my first month of being in Spain, and will learn so much more the next 8 months here!

We got to go to our class today, look at our test we took and which ones we got incorrect. I was very happy with my overall grade and I feel very accomplished for all I did this past month. My final grade in the whole course was an 8 out of 10, which is considered very good! It’s a B! They say the only way you can get an A is if you are equally as smart or smarter than the professor, which I of course am not, and so I am very happy with my B. I studied so hard for this test and it paid off! 🙂

Now, I am just waiting to be sent my schedule for semester classes starting Wednesday.

Tomorrow we meet with our group and get to see what school we will be volunteering at with the children. I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS!!! I hear they have preschoolers, and kindergarteners….just the age I want to work with.

More to come on that tomorrow!

Hasta luego!!!

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