Level 3- and HAIL!

Today was the start of my next level of classes. I was in level 2 for September, but I passed the exam and now am in level 3 for the month of October. I have class M-F 8:30am-12:30. I have to say that today my class was almost too easy for me! I am thinking about asking to switch to level 4. I want to be challenged more instead of just reviewing what I learned in level 2. If I do end up switching tomorrow or Monday, I will be a little sad because everyone I met today in class was so interesting and just a very fun group.

We have a very diverse class. There were nine of us today. Four of us from the United States; me from Minnesota, one from Alaska, California, and New York. Then, we have two students from Belgium, one from Japan, one from and island in Greece, and another from France. Such a diverse class and we learned so much about each other today. That is one thing I just find so fascinating about studying abroad at CLM. It really is a place that anyone can come too, and every class I seem to have different students from around the world. I have never been out of the US before Granada, and I am just loving the fact that I am meeting so many people from places I don’t know about. And, finding out about their lives, and what they do. It’s so interesting and I love it! I would tell anyone that studying abroad is the best idea if you have the opportunity. And it’s not just for students in their twenties! The one student in my class from France is actually a recently retired woman who told us she is traveling the world learning languages. She has lived in England, now Spain, and I think she mentioned next year she will be studying in Germany. She said she is so happy to be retired because she is finally free to learn so much! What motivation!

One thing I was a bit sad about is the fact that since I have class 8:30-12:30 in October, I don’t have much time to volunteer with the school 😦 I was hoping to get some morning hours in with the elementary students, but I am now only able to go later in the day, maybe 3:30-5:30. This is with the older students, which will still be very fun, but of course I do have the heart to teach the younger grades. Hopefully next month I will have more morning time to volunteer.

Something interesting that happened in Granada today was the big storm we got! It tarted raining today after I woke up from my siesta, and then hail came! Lasted a good 20-30 minutes. I had to close all the windows in the house quick because it was getting in, and Marisa and Rafa were gone. The dogs even got scared and came into our room to keep us company. They came home and said this is not normal at all for October. It was interesting when I went on the porch and could pick up a bunch of hail. Always surprises in Granada, Spain! 🙂10351815_10152759039143944_6393082908554011529_n

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