Playa de Nerja!!

Our group went on a trip to Nerja Beach today! This is the beach that I have already gone to with some of our group, but today the whole group went there again. What a beautiful day! It’s crazy to think it was 80 degrees and sunny here, and that we can actually enjoy a hot day at the beach in October! It was perfect weather 🙂 Again, the drive there is just gorgeous, through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Unfortunately on the trip, the jellyfish weren’t too happy with us. About 15 of us from the group wanted to go cliff jumping again with the directors and so we had to swim out and around a cliff to climb the rope. Once we got there and were treading water waiting for our turn to climb the rope, I look over and a jellyfish was stuck in my hair and stung my arm pretty good. It really hurt! I kind of started panicking a little bit, and it didn’t help that I had to tread water at the same time. Luckily I got away from it and was able to get up the rope to the cliff, but that hurt a lot. It stung for a good hour too because of the salty water, and we had to stop at a restaurant on the beach and ask for a napkin with some vinegar to put on it. Two other people in my group also got stung! 😦 But, the rest of the day was fun and it eventually stopped hurting. Just scared me a little bit for sure, I’ve never been stung by a jellyfish before. Once we were up on the cliff we could see one in the water below, a small brown body, about the size of a tennis ball or a little smaller, with clear tentacles. I did not want to jump into the water after that with the jellyfish around, so I went around the cliff and jumped in a different place.

For lunch, we got to eat PAELLA at a beach restaurant!!! This is one of the most famous dishes in Granada and you can find it at many places all around, our host mom has even made it twice for us! It consists of rice, shrimp, vegetables, sometimes mussels, and meat. A simple dish, but very delicious! The place we went too was all you can eat paella, but it is pretty filling!


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