Family Time :)

Today was a very good day! We are getting closer and closer to our host family each day. I felt we talked to our host mom in Spanish a lot today, and just doing that is helping me so much. Sometimes I don’t always know the right words to say, but because she knows no English, it forces us to talk in Spanish and is having such a great impact on our learning. We definitely bond over talking about dogs, we both LOVE dogs so much. Sometimes we look on YouTube for funny dog videos! We also love talking about our families, I show her pictures of my cousins and aunts and different family members. All of Marisa’s family lives in Cordoba, which is a city in Spain about 2 hours away from Granada. In November, our group is actually taking a trip out there. It will be fun to see where our host family used to live. I may be a little bias, but I definitely think that Matthew and I got placed in the best host family! Dogs, amazing food, similar interests, they paired us up good! Friday is actually Marisa’s birthday, we are trying to think of something nice to do for her because she does so much for us all the time! I’m sure we’ll think of something 🙂 In other news, I thought I was going to be able to switch to level 4 today, but I am not sure it’s going to happen anymore. I talked to my two professors about switching because so far the material has just been too easy, but they think I should stay. They talked to my director and told us that the first week or so is all review, but that soon we will be learning new stuff and that I shouldn’t skip that and go to level 4. I understand where they are coming from, and if they think that is best, I told them I would stay. I am just hoping we start learning new stuff soon. Marisa also gave me a book that she had in the house all about learning the Spanish language, so aside from my homework from my classes, I have been studying and taking notes from that book to learn as much as I can. Study, study, study! Matthew went to the doctor today and got his cast off. He still has to be on crutches for two weeks and take it easy, but looks like everything will be okay! Last week he thought he may have torn or injured his Achilles tendon. Turned out it was just inflamed. But thankfully looking better now! 🙂

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