Las Canarias

Today Matthew and I could finally go out for tapas at our favorite place again! It’s been a while since he had to get his cast on, so tonight we took the bus to our favorite tapas bar, Feng Shui. Delicious eggrolls, shrimp, and tinto de verano. Tinto de verano is a very popular drink, soda and wine mixture, my favorite!

Class has been going good. I am learning more, and still lots of review from last month. My professor liked what I wrote about my ideal house, only had a few errors.

After lunch today our host mom showed us different regions in Spain on the map. She was telling us what is popular in the different regions, where she used to live, and more about the geography of Spain. I think I might have to take a trip to to the islands of Las Canarias. She said it is so beautiful there and the weather is always tropical and nice, sort of like Hawaii!


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